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Should You Attend Virtual Conferences with Brie Schmidt, Episode 207

Conferences are one of the best ways to meet other investors and grow your network. However, COVID-19 has forced most events to cancel or move to a virtual experience. In the case of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, we made the decision to go virtual for 2020.

Brie Schmidt is my partner in running the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit and we spent a lot of time researching how to bring networking to life in a virtual setting. We want to ensure that the event is more than a collection of speaker presentations. Brie is our guest on today’s show talking about the virtual Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit and what attendees can expect.

In this episode, we highlight key aspects of the virtual event, how networking is being prioritized, the speaker lineup, and how to get the most out of the event. Ultimately, this episode should inform you with enough info to determine if you should join us and attend the 2020 Virtual Midwest Summit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit to bring investors value with NO sales pitch

  • How the MWRENS is incorporating investor networking opportunities to participants even though it's virtual (in some cases it’s better than a live event!)

  • How you can be matched with attendees based on interest and network directly with them

  • You can stay connected with speakers, exhibitors, and attendees and not miss any of the action (no matter your timeline)

  • Utilizing Virtual Meetups before the Midwest Summit to get the most out of the networking and content aspects of the event

  • Speakers: BiggerPockets authors David Greene, Matt Faircloth, and Brain Burke. Other top speakers include Jake & Gino, Eddie Wilson of Think Realty, Robert Heyder, and more!

  • MWRENS speakers will be tackling best practices for the next 6 months of real estate investing in a COVID-19 world (so much to discuss!)

  • What MWRENS will cover in real estate investing (what to do now to win!)

  • Learn who this event is for (beginning and seasoned investors!)

  • Understand how the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit is an ongoing experience and continues to add value after the event

  • The event will have national insights, not limited to the Midwest


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