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Multifamily Insights Podcast

Multifamily Insights is a podcast dedicated to providing the tips you need to be a successful apartment investor. The show focuses on market research, finding deals, attracting capital, branding, and content creation. Each week, John Casmon interviews specialists from brokers, investors, direct mail marketers, social media strategists, and more. John has interviewed social media strategists, Jasmine Star and Melinda Emerson, bestselling authors David Meerman Scott and Robert Bly, and multifamily investors Joe Fairless, Michael Blank, and Neal Bawa.


Listen and subscribe for free by simply clicking the “Subscribe” button on Apple Podcasts or the “Follow” button on Spotify.  With two new episodes each week, you will be sure to enhance your multifamily and marketing knowledge to achieve greater success in your business. To help you get started, check out some of the top episodes broken out by topics.


Tips to Get Started in Multifamily Investing 

These episodes focus on investors that are early in their journey and beginning to scale their portfolio. These episodes are great for investors trying to figure out how to get started and which strategies they should employ. Learn about house-hacking, becoming a limited partner or passive investor, and syndicating your first apartment building.  

  1. How to Go from Newbie to Multifamily Investor with DJ Hume (Web, Apple Podcasts)

  2. Elevate into Multifamily with Tyler Chesser (Web, Apple Podcasts)

  3. Lessons from a 21-Year Old Syndicator with Kyle Marcotte (Web, Apple Podcasts

Tips on Finding the Best Markets for Real Estate 

Finding the best places to invest is the backbone for which the show was created. When I launched Target Market Insights, it was to find the tips and tricks that the most successful investors leveraged to determine where they would invest. These episodes will help you identify both macro MSAs and submarkets and neighborhoods. As a bonus, be sure to download our 21 Hacks to Find the Best Sub-Markets.


  1. Top Multifamily Markets in the US with Neal Bawa (Web, Apple Podcasts)

  2. Key Metrics for Multifamily Investing with Devin Elder (Web, Apple Podcasts)

  3. How to Select the Right Submarket with Anthony Chara (Web, Apple Podcasts)

Tips on Finding Apartment Deals

The most challenging part of multifamily investing for many is finding a good deal. Unlike with single-family homes, good apartment deals don’t just fall in your lap. You need to build strong broker relationships and/or develop a strong direct to seller marketing initiative including direct mail, cold calls, SMS/text campaigns, and more. Learn some of the strategies and tactics that investors are using to find deals in a competitive market. 


  1. Emerging Markets and Underwriting Tips with Brian Burke (Web, Apple Podcasts

  2. How to Attract Qualified Off-Market Leads with Brad Smotherman (Web, Apple Podcasts)

  3. The Secrets to Direct Mail Marketing with Justin Silverio (Web, Apple Podcasts)


Tips on Attracting Capital for Real Estate

According to Robert Kiyosaki, “the richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” You may not have the network today that can buy a multi-million dollar apartment building, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a powerful network that can. These episodes show you techniques to leverage your existing network and expand your reach to attract capital for real estate syndications and joint ventures. Learn how to attract capital and tips for structuring deals with these powerful episodes. 


  1. Developing a Personal Brand for Real Estate with Sterling White (Web, Apple Podcasts)

  2. Finding Investors for Your First Multifamily Deal with Leslie Awasom and Tenny Tolofari (Web, Apple Podcasts)

  3. The Dos and Don’ts of Raising Capital with Kim Lisa Taylor (Web, Apple Podcasts)


Tips on Branding and Content

This is the area where Target Market Insights sets itself apart from other multifamily podcasts. Marketing is the thing that sets any business apart, and real estate investing is no different. These episodes focus on creating the branding and content that facilitates deals and attracting capital in a sustained manner. This doesn’t mean you need to become a prolific author or amazing designer, but these episodes will give you insights that can help you stand out in the eyes of a potential investor, client, or partner.   


  1. The Secret Sauce for Content Marketing with John D. Saunders (Web, Apple Podcasts)

  2. How to Create Content that Converts with Robert Bly (Web, Apple Podcasts)

  3. How to Produce Life-Changing Content with Seth Williams (Web, Apple Podcasts)


Tips on Leveraging Social Media for Real Estate

You don’t have to be a social media rockstar to leverage social media for your business. There’s no denying the leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms have with their ability to reach your target audience. Learn how to leverage these tools to grow your business as opposed to just liking cat videos or someone’s silly TikTok dance. When used correctly, these tools have the ability to explode your business. These episodes are packed with insights that usually cost thousands of dollars in consulting fees, and you get to check it out for free ninety-nine.


1. Secrets to Growing Your Social Following with Jasmine Star (Web, Apple Podcasts)

2. How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Network with Yonah Weiss (Web, Apple Podcasts)

3. Secrets to Grow a Small Biz with Melinda Emerson (WebApple Podcasts)

Start with these hand-selected episodes and uncover the multifamily and marketing insights you need to push forward with clarity. This is just a sample of the information you’ll gain as a subscriber to the Multifamily Insights podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Subscribe or Follow for free right now to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

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