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Overcoming Fear and Taking Action with Kevin Galang and Adam Ulery

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Real estate investing is a great tool to create flexibility and freedom with time and money. However, there are fears that hold many people back from taking action and getting started. Many would-be investors imagine all of the negative scenarios and never take action to get that first deal. Overcoming fear is critical if you want to get started or scale your business or investment portfolio.

Kevin Galang and Adam Ulery are the hosts of the Tech Guys Who Invest podcast. Kevin is a software sales engineer who invests in notes on the side. He hosts the Note Nuggets podcast which shares bite-size tips to invest in notes. Adam is a business consultant for technology firms and also works with Dreamstone investments in Atalanta as an apartment syndicator.

Both Kevin and Adam faced fear when starting out, but they overcame that fear to get started. Start by understanding what you are actually afraid of. Once you understand the issue, you can seek help to overcome that fear and take action. It’s important to clarify your goals and then align your actions to those goals. Kevin and Adam have created a tool to help real estate investors clarify their best fit to make it easier to get started.

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Insights on Overcoming Fears and Taking Action

  • How Kevin works 9-5 selling software and invests in mortgage notes on the side.

I like the idea of controlling something, but not owning it. -Kevin
  • Adam works in technology and is a multifamily syndicator on his off-hours

  • The Tech Guys Who Invest Podcast: Teaching people how to invest wisely and safely.

Fear and self-limiting beliefs are internal, and you can break through that to become greater than you are now. -Adam
  • How to overcome fear and the steps to take in creating your best life

  • How to clarify your goals and align them with your actions

  • Utilizing your resources to help mitigate your fear (stop overthinking!)

  • How Adam overcame his fears when starting in apartment syndication

I rely on my team and play to my strengths -Adam
  • Using the Investor Identity Canvas tool to clarify where you best fit in the real estate investing game based on your goals

  • How people use the Investor Identity Canvas tool

  • How the Investor Identity Canvas can help you gain clarity into what real estate niche is best for you

Bullseye Round:


Apparent Failure:

Kevin: Was getting rejected repeatedly by banks trying to get on their investor's list. I would make up any excuse to not make the calls. That taught me to put aside my fear and repeat the calls until I was good at it.

Digital Resource:

Miro (online visual collaboration tool)

Most Recommended Book:

Late Bloomers (Rich Karlgaard)

Emotional Intelligence (Brandon Goleman)

Daily Habit:

Kevin: Journaling (3 things I’m grateful for and 3 top priorities)

Adam: Savers Routine (Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod)

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Kevin: Nobody does it by themselves. You’re not meant to be perfect.

Where to Grab a Bite in Tampa, FL

Oyster Catchers

Meat Market

Contact Kevin & Adam:



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