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How to Leverage Life Insurance Without Dying with Sarry Ibrahim

Sarry Ibrahim is a financial planner and member of the Bank On Yourself Organization. He helps real estate investors, business owners, and full-time employees grow safe and predictable wealth regardless of market conditions using a financial strategy that has been around for over 160 years.

Sarry started this journey when he was in grad school completing his MBA. He worked for companies like Allstate, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna Healthspring, and Humana before founding Financial Asset Protection, a financial services firm that focuses on one sole concept;the Bank On Yourself Concept, also known as the Infinite Banking Concept. We talked to Sarry about the Bank On Yourself concept, whole life policies and how they can support your investments. LISTEN HERE:

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[00:01 – 04:25] Opening Segment

  • Sarry talks about his background.

  • He talks about how he became a financial professional;

[04:25 – 16:46] Whole Life Policies 101

  • He explains the “Bank on Yourself” concept and who it applies to;

  • The benefits of a whole life policy;

  • Why many people don’t know about whole life policies;

  • What to look for in a life policy;

[16:46 – 23:03] When to Start

  • Sarry talks about at what point a whole life policy is a smart move for an investor;

  • The importance of educating yourself about whole life policies;

  • The minimum numbers you need to start a whole life policy;

  • The ways to convert your existing whole life policy;

[23:03 – 29:01] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure:

A job he was denied after graduating college.

Digital Resource:

Radius (CRM)

Most Recommended Book:

Daily Habit:

Recapping his priorities every morning

#1 Insight for Investing in Whole Life Policies

Align it with your objective.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Chicago:

Contact Sarry:

To learn more go to, click here to listen to Sarry’s podcast.

Tweetable Quotes:

“For every door closed, another door opens.” - Sarry Ibrahim

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