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How to Attract Capital through Podcasts with Trevor Oldham

Trevor Oldham is the Founder and CEO of Podcasting You, the leading podcast booking agency for real estate investors. Podcasting You has worked with hundreds of real estate investors to book thousands of interviews and raise millions. Through the inspiration of his clients, Trevor is actively looking to start his first house hack.

Trevor has worked with Multifamily, Commercial, Industrial, Self-Storage, Mobile Home Park, Assisted Living, Short-Term Rental, Land and Note Investors, and Syndicators. In addition to those Investors and Syndicators, Trevor has worked with Wholesalers, Flippers, 1031 and Self-Directed IRA Specialists, and even Real Estate Attorneys to help raise capital, generate more exposure, and increase their networking opportunities. We talked to Trevor about his podcasting business, the services they offer, and best practices to attract investors through podcasting! LISTEN HERE:

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[00:01 – 05:08] Opening Segment

  • Trevor talks about his background;

  • He talks about how he got into podcasting;

  • How he launched his business;

[04:16 – 16:39] An Eye for PR & Marketing

  • How he built 500k followers;

  • Why he switched to freelancing;

  • The importance of being able to humble yourself and put your skills in work;

  • He explains why they chose to work with real estate investors as a niche;

  • The services they offer at Podcastingyou;

  • Some of the challenges of starting a podcast and being a guest on a show;

[16:39 – 34:31] Attract Capital via Podcasts

  • Some of the results Trevor sees with his clients;

  • How Trevor creates value for clients by being on podcasts;

  • Why some people are not a good fit to be a guest on podcasts;

  • Some of the things not to do during an interview;

  • What a successful podcast host/guest looks like;

  • Better to be a guest or launch your own show?

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[34:31 – 42:33] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Trying to book turnkey investors in fix and flip shows early in his company;

Digital Resource: Basecamp

Most Recommended Book: Thinking Fast and Slow

Daily Habit: Meditation

#1 Insight for successfully growing your business through podcasting: Be consistent.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in New York: La Baia’s

Contact Trevor: To learn more click here or connect with Trevor on his LinkedIn.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Podcasting is only one arm of the whole marketing spectrum" - Trevor Oldham

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