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Developing a Personal Brand for Real Estate with Sterling White, Episode 187

A disadvantaged youth hasn’t stopped Sterling White from finding creative ways to generate cash flow. He began in single-family homes and now focuses on apartment investing. He controls almost $20 million worth of real estate as the Founder of Sonders Investment Group.

Sterling has developed a strong personal brand, thanks in part to his consistent contributions on BiggerPockets. He has now launched the Real Estate Experience podcast to help other investors grow their real estate portfolios. In this episode, Sterling shares how he goes directly to sellers to find deals, how he landed an exclusive interview with Grant Cardone, the value of following up, and tips from launching the Real Estate Experience.

Key Insights

  • Failing Forward: How an attempt at The World’s Fastest Fireman Carry Mile World Record taught Sterling not to let fear hold him back

  • Sterling white the early years: grew up in Section 8, on welfare and food stamps. He had to figure out how to make money, which started his entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • His introduction into real estate: 2013 bought his first single-family home then scaled to 150 with a complete shift in 2017 to multifamily.

  • Personal branding, and how to push yourself out into the marketplace (Book: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk).

  • How Sterling used BiggerPockets and their forums to help grow his business and then became an expert contributor.

  • Content Marketing: How important your story is to your personal brand

  • Ways to repurpose content for marketing. Creativity follows commitment

  • Interviewing Grant Cardone: How he got the interview and Biggest Takeaways (Interview Link)

  • How to get and stay energized so you can engage an audience even if you’re an introvert

  • The Real Estate Experience with Sterling White - The challenges he has faced building his personal brand as well as his business

  • Leveraging LinkedIn and it’s reach

  • Finding the right content to market your brand

  • Why Sterling focuses on off-Market multifamily deals

  • 3 quick steps to finding off-market multifamily deals (Direct to Owner)

  • The process difference between working with a multifamily owner vs. a broker

  • Sterling’s Secret: How to break through when you get a ‘no’ more than once

  • How Sterling launched his podcast for future success

Bullseye Tips:


Digital/Mobile Resource:

LastPass (For managing people virtually)

Most Recommended Book:

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone

Daily Habit:

Writing his goals down daily

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

The value of time

What I Wish I knew a Year Ago

To work towards empathizing more

Current Curiosity:

How his childhood has affected and shaped him

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Indianapolis

Bru Burger Bar

Connect with Sterling White

The Real Estate Experience Podcast IG: @sterlingwhiteofficial


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