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How to Build an Audience and Create Social Proof with Seth Ferguson, Episode 163

Seth Ferguson leverages social media, podcasting, and cable tv to create awareness for his real estate business. Seth is a real estate agent turned investor based in the Toronto area. Seth is the host of the Purchase to Profits podcast, as well as a local cable TV show. In this episode, we talk about his transition from real estate agent to investor, getting comfortable in front of a camera and the importance of building an audience.

Key Insights

  • While pursuing being a hockey referee, Seth became a residential agent to provide more consistent income

  • With commission sales, money comes in and goes out but he did not have income-producing assets

  • Focused on a suburb of Toronto, because real estate is hyper-local, and he knew the area well

  • The shift from broker to investor required a mindset change to see real estate as a wealth-building tool, not a quick sale

  • Learned to make money by leveraging banks and existing assets

  • Key to being comfortable in front of the camera - just do it, and don’t worry about being comfortable

  • Simply doing it is more important than being perfect

  • What social proof are you creating? How do you differentiate yourself? What will people find when they google you?

  • Started creating memes on IG and has a popular one of “Pablo Escobar” from the Netflix Series “Narcos”

  • Leverages social media to drive podcast awareness and other content

  • Hired a social media agency to help him drive awareness and engagement

  • Focus on engaging with the right followers, not just driving a large audience

Bull’s Eye Tips:


Apparent Failure:

Breakdown in a personal relationship

Most Recommended Book:

Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:


Daily Habit:


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Income producing assets is the way to wealth

Wish I Knew 12 Months Ago:

More money looking for deals than deals looking for money

Advice for a Smart, Driven College Student:

Get out as soon as you can and hop right in

Current Curiosity:

Leverage audiences and building engagement

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Toronto:

Mas Playa - Hacienda

Connect with Seth:

Apple Podcasts: Purchase to Profits

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