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How to Create Buzz for Your Business with Christina Daves, Episode 113

Free advertising and publicity is the best way for any entrepreneur to gain new clients. That’s why Christina Daves learned everything she could on generating her own buzz. She’s appeared in over 1,000 media outlets including the Today Show and the Steve Harvey Show and has helped generate over 7 figures in sales for her clients. She believes anyone can get PR and shares some of her key tips and lessons on this episode.

Key Market Insights

  • Sheer desperation led her to get free publicity

  • Invented fashion accessories for medical boots

  • Figured out a system that works that anyone can implement

  • What are you doing and why are you doing it? What makes you different?

  • Real Estate Agent was a CPA for 25 years – only works with first time home buyers – put together 10 tax loopholes for 1st time home buyers

  • Tie your experience to establish the credibility

  • Biggest mistake people make when seeking PR is making it about themselves

  • When pitching the media, pitch yourself as an expert in your space

  • Who’s watching the content? That’s who you’re directing that pitch towards

  • Go where your customers are, but invest time identifying their avatar

  • Podcasts, high-ranking blogs are great to link back to your website

  • Online magazines – better to be in Forbes online for SEO

  • The people who put themselves out there are not the best in the industry

  • You have the ability to hone in on who’s covering your expertise

  • You can find anybody now – find journalists on LinkedIn or Twitter

  • Always have a sound bite and practice your message

  • Make sure your content is exciting

  • Other mistakes: Give the press too much information, keep it short, give a stat or quote

  • When reaching out to journalists: email, call, and send a follow up email

  • Personalize the list – 10-20 journalists, use LinkedIn and Twitter

  • Video is powerful to help get deals – targeting by zip codes

  • When looking to raise capital, use LinkedIn video

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Start with local media

Tracking Market Changes: Do your research, sign up for newsletters

Daily Habit: Exercise


PR for Anyone by Christina Daves

Best Business Books:

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Digital Resources

Google Drive

Tweet This:

“When pitching media, tell them what you are doing, why you are doing it and what makes you different”

“It’s not about you, it’s about the audience”

“If it’s not you, it’s going to be a competitor”

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