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How to Find the Next Hot Neighborhood with Tremayne Thomas, Episode 105

Finding a great deal requires seeing something that others miss or creating an opportunity where others see work. Tremayne Thomas has been able to identify great investment opportunities by identifying the next hot neighborhoods, creating off-market solutions and remaining open-minded. Tremayne is the Principal of Real Estate Acquisition Partners LLC with 10 years of investing in and marketing real estate. On this episode, he shares how to find the next hot neighborhood and investment opportunity.

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Key Market Insights

  • Atlanta is great all the time and the city is changing right before our eyes

  • The Atlanta beltline – a 22-mile walk, bike, run trail around the city

  • Transit is being built around this loop, connecting neighborhoods that weren’t previously connected

  • Development plans are public knowledge

  • Bullseye Tip: Get in the path of the development plans

  • How to find the plans: Go to the city website, department for zoning and planning, overlay it on Google map to make note of the plan and execution

  • Everyone used to want to be in the suburbs (Alpharetta, Marietta) but now people want to spend more time in the city

  • 10-12 neighborhoods that people are actively seeking properties

  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) – more than 20 stations

  • The city pushed to put a train stop near the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium

  • As people look to avoid traffic and seek value, they often can’t afford homes in established neighborhoods, so they look at transitioning areas

  • Graduated from Howard for undergrad and Wayne State for grad school

  • Intrigued by car washes after seeing $3 car washes in Detroit

  • Started in real estate as a wholesaler, but did not have the respect of many agents – however, he remained a wholesaler at heart

  • Inventory is tight so finding great deals is tough – wholesaler background is beneficial to finding deals in a tight market

  • Found 320 off-market deals by deriving different routes after moving to Atlanta from the suburbs

  • Encourages sellers to allow them to market the property off of the MLS

  • Why Sellers List Off-Market: Not ready for MLS, Agent Experience

  • Encourages clients to do a little bit of work to drive property value

  • Leverage social media to market to buyers and sellers

  • Network with other investor associations and groups

  • Car wash owners consistently net $300k after year one

  • To acquire a car wash, you need a great lender and 20% down

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Bring off-market sellers

Tracking Market Changes: Going to meetings and strategizing

Daily Habit: To Do List


Best Business Books:

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwarz

The One Thing by Gary Keller

Digital Resources:

Google Maps

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“Development plans are public knowledge”

“As people look to avoid traffic and seek value, they look for value in transitioning areas”

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