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Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate with James Kandasamy, Episode 101

If you’re busy with a full-time job and looking for an alternative to the stock market, you should consider investing in commercial syndications. James Kandasamy is the author of Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate. His focus is on multifamily apartments, but many of the principles apply to all commercial asset classes. On this episode, James shares why investors should consider passive opportunities, why Texas is in such high demand and how he evaluates opportunities.

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Key Market Insights

  • Passive investing gives people the ability to earn

  • Probability of making money passively in stocks

  • 18% chance of being successful investing in stocks

  • 30-40% chance of being successful in real estate

  • Tax benefits can potentially convert income to lower tax brackets

  • Worked as an engineer before transitioning to real estate

  • Preferred rentals to flips, but found single family was a lot of work for too little money

  • Lives in Austin and focuses on Austin and San Antonio

  • 50% of all population growth over past 8 years has been in Texas

  • San Antonio was #1 for in-migration last year

  • Since 2010, only two cities saw a basis point growth of 1300 between rentals and home ownership: Orlando and Austin

  • Austin is booming all over

  • San Antonio - Northeast side, South side and West side has opportunities

  • Good places in Atlanta were 100k/door

  • Anything above I-20 price is 100k/door, below I-20 the price drops significantly

  • Buy in areas where cash flow is strong in case the market changes

  • To remain conservative, focusing on off-market deals

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Identify real estate barriers for rent comps

Tracking Market Changes: IRR & Yardi Matrix Reports – look at own data

Daily Habit: Meditation at 4:30am


Best Business Books:

The One Thing by Gary Keller

Digital Resources


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“Single families were a lot of work for little money”

“50% of all population growth over past 8 years has been in Texas”

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