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What You Need to Know About Self-Directed Retirement Accounts with Brittany Pickell, Episode 96

Since the inception of the IRA in 1974, investors have been able to hold assets in their retirement that are alternatives to stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Brittany Pickell often comes across investors, who are surprised to learn of these alternative investing options since most brokerages only offer stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Brittany is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Next Generation Trust Company, helping to educate the marketplace about self-directed IRAs as a wealth-building option. On today’s episode, she explains different types of retirement accounts, restrictions and best practices when using your retirement account to buy real estate and other alternative assets.

Key Market Insights

  • Many investors are not familiar with self-direct retirement accounts

  • Institutional brokerage accounts steer investors towards their funds

  • Retirement industry is $20 trillion industry – only 3-4% percent are invested in alternative investments

  • Self-direct IRA and Retirement Plans are similar to other retirement plans, but offer more options and control for investors

  • If you use your IRA to invest, your gains remain tax-deferred (traditional) or tax free (Roth)

  • Mortgages are allowed, but must be a non-recourse loan

  • Other options are to partner with other individuals or their IRAs

  • Cannot buy or sell directly with disqualified people – ascendants, descendants and their spouses (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren)

  • Solo 401k allows you to contribute salary and business earnings

  • Other account types: Coverdell Education and Health Savings Accounts

  • The number of 65-75 years old who have filed for bankruptcy has tripled

  • People need to be careful of checkbook control to ensure they follow all requirements as an IRA owner

  • Penalties include early withdrawal fees, taxes and back taxes

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Be educated

Tracking Market Changes: Industry publications like Ascencus

Daily Habit: Working out and coloring


Best Business Books:

Digital Resources


Akimbo – Seth Godin

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"If you’re buying stocks, how much control do you have over that company?"

"If you use your IRA to invest, your gains remain tax-deferred (traditional) or tax free (Roth)"

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