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How to Bounce Back from Failure with Damion Lupo, Episode 30

Damion Lupo turned a rental house purchased on a VISA card into 150 houses in 7 states in less than 5 years. Then he watched a $20,000,000 portfolio implode. After that “failure,” he bounced back and rebuilt his wealth in 24 months. That failure was the foundation to his freedom. He is the host of the Transformation Nation podcast, owner of 37 companies over 25 years and founder of his own martial art called Yokido™. Today, he shares his approach to recover from a negative situation and how to create success.

Key Market Insights

  • Started buying real estate with a VISA credit card

  • Built a $20MM portfolio and rolled it off the cliff in 2008

  • People tend to avoid mistakes rather than looking for ways to win

  • Bought all over Phoenix – 2 and 3 bedroom houses

  • Purchased the same type of properties over and over in Phoenix, Birmingham and other markets

  • In 2004, realized home prices began jumping 10% a month and started to sell

  • In 2006, had 7 different projects, within one year all 7 projects fell and lost around $1MM per project

  • Made the mistake of equating his net worth to his self-worth

  • One way to get out of a rut is to share your story

  • When screening mentors: What have you done and what have you screwed up? – You want to know someone has been through the streets in blood

  • When investing: Damion looks at assets in his area and gets really narrow in focus

  • Created investing rules of engagement to protect himself from himself

  • Looks at rules twice a year and evaluates the rules to see if anything needs to be changed

  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) is pushing the decentralization of banking

  • Places 5-10% of net worth in speculative investments

  • Willing to invest in deals that will probably fail if he believes in investing in the person and the relationship

  • Start by looking at your own expenses, look for trends, are assets coming in as expected, are they growing or shrinking

  • Working on launching the digital mentoring around financing and investing

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Meet with as many people as possible

Tracking Market Changes: Numbers tell a story, identify and track key numbers

Daily Habit: Blank Slate - Meditation


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Best Business Books:

The Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos

Digital Resources

Calendly -

Tweet This:

"Confidence comes from within…. or you borrow it"

"A mistake is only a sin when it’s not admitted"

"Invest in the person, not the thing"

"Net worth is worth less – time is more important and is driven by cash flow"

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