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Quit Your Job Through Partnerships with Andrew Campbell, Episode 2

This Austin native quit his job after turning his sibling rivalry into a perfect partnership. Andrew Campbell and his brother formed a partnership to snowball a couple duplexes into 276 units in the red-hot Texas market. Andrew is the co-founder and Managing Director of Wildhorn Capital, a Multifamily Syndication Company focused on buying value-add properties in Texas. Learn how Andrew found his sweet spot in South Austin before expanding to other parts of Texas on this episode of Target Market Insights. Listen Now!

Key Market Insights:

  • Approach real estate investing with a get-rich-slow mentality

  • The anatomy of a syndication deal: Andrew’s company functions as the sponsor, he finds investors to raise capital and down payment, gets a loan on the property, profit shares with investors, his company manages the day-to-day

  • Start your journey in real estate investing by acquiring properties in local areas most familiar to you

  • Andrew’s winning formula for getting the ROIs he wants: acquire properties that attract families, seek out long-term, low-turnover tenants, raise the rents aggressively while staying below market

  • Looking to invest in the Austin market? Define your investment criteria, Properties in city limits have massive appreciation less of immediate cash flow, Rapid growth in 78704 zip code, Some investors look in the Northwest and Northwest suburbs (e.g. – Georgetown, Round Rock, etc.)

  • How to view the city’s layout and tenant classes: Described as 1) East or West of I-35 and 2) South or North of the Colorado River

  • Tips on infiltrating a new market: meet with local brokers, attend real estate meet-ups, conduct research on the area’s job growth, population growth, and trends over the last 5 years, utilize the Department of Labor and Statistics site

  • A look at the San Antonio market: massive growth in North and Northwest market, growth in the suburb of Boerne

  • Overall thoughts on navigating Austin and San Antonio: Define your own investment criteria, know which properties don’t fit your model of doing business

  • Andrew’s tip for staying focused on goals: Write out what you want to accomplish the night before using pen and paper

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