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Top 20 Multifamily + Marketing Podcast Episodes

Updated: May 24, 2020

Real estate podcasts are an excellent way to learn more about investing. However, finding the right real estate podcast depends on your goals and needs. When we launched Target Market Insights, I wanted to create a multifamily podcast that focused on finding the best places to invest, tapping into the market research used by prominent investors. Since then we’ve evolved the podcast to include marketing strategies to build a business or brand and have renamed it, Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing.

To date, we have released 140 episodes with fantastic guests, giving their best tips and secrets of success. People often ask me which episode they should listen to first and that will depend on what you’re seeking. But instead of just scrolling through the catalog of episodes, I thought it might be helpful to highlight our most popular podcast shows. If you are ready to leap into multifamily investing, check out our top 20 podcast episodes below.

Most Popular Podcast Episodes

Top 20 for Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing

  1. Secrets to Getting Good Contractors with Ryan Garcilazo

  2. Top Multifamily Markets in the US with Neal Bawa

  3. From $7 and a Smile to $200 Million with Vinney Chopra

  4. How to Raise Millions from Your Network with Ryan McKenna

  5. Emerging Markets and Underwriting Tips with Brian Burke

  6. How to Find the Next Hot Neighborhood with Tremayne Thomas

  7. Key Factors for Multifamily Investing with Ellie Perlman

  8. Key Metrics for Multifamily Investments with Devin Elder

  9. How to Profit $10K a Month on a Single House with Gene Guarino

  10. How to Buy Real Estate without Cash or Credit with Chris Prefontaine

  11. How to Attract Ultra-High Net Worth Investors with Richard Wilson

  12. Finding Real Estate Opportunities in Hot Markets with Josh Eitingon

  13. Investing in Chicago's South Side with Mark Ainley

  14. Best Asset Protection Strategies with Scott Royal Smith

  15. How to be an Ultra Conservative Passive Investor with Jeremy Roll

  16. Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate with James Kandasamy

  17. The Dos and Don’ts of Raising Capital with Kim Lisa Taylor

  18. How to Structure Passive Investments with Amy Wan

  19. How to Invest in Any Market with Marco Santarelli

  20. Refinancing Apartments After Only 3 Months with Caleb Bryant

Finding good contractors is one of the biggest problems real estate investors face. Ryan Garcilazo is a former contractor who now helps real estate investors learn the inside tips to manage contractors and construction projects. He shares the secrets of finding good contractors for your real estate project.

Selecting the right multifamily market is a key element of multifamily investing success. Neal shares the key demographic and multifamily trends driving the multifamily landscape.

Vinney Chopra shares his path as an Indian immigrant to building a massive multifamily portfolio. He highlights tips to find emerging markets for apartment investing.

Ryan has raised millions as a general partner in multifamily apartment syndications. He spent years learning about multifamily before cultivating a powerful network. He shares his best tips to raise capital.

Identifying emerging markets and underwriting multifamily apartments are two of Brian Burke’s specialties. He shares his key resources to scour the nation for the best markets and his secrets for analyzing multifamily syndications.

A native of Atlanta, Tremayne Thomas helps investors find the path of progress to determine the next hot neighborhood in the city. His tips are applicable to any market and an excellent road map for multifamily investors seeking to cash in on future appreciation.

There are core fundamentals of multifamily investing and Ellie Perlman shares some of the markets she likes based on these factors. Ellie also talks about going from being an attorney on commercial transactions to being an apartment syndicator.

Devin Elder is an investor based in San Antonio, TX with experience in single-family rehabs and multifamily. He shares the key metrics he seeks when doing deals and talks about the bustling San Antonio economy that is fueling multifamily growth.

Residential Assisted Living is a booming segment in real estate, because there are 77 million baby boomers and 10,000 people turn 65 every day. There is a huge shortage of assisted living homes and Gene Guarino gives us a great strategy to profit $10k a month on a single-family house by catering to this aging population.

Lease options are an excellent tool for real estate investors with limited capital or poor credit. Chris Prefontaine talks about how he uses the strategy to invest in deals with little of his own capital and teaches the same techniques to others across the country.

Richard C. Wilson represents high net worth families in their efforts to preserve wealth. He talks about how to attract these investors, what they look for in a deal and where to meet them.

With a heated multifamily market, finding deals has become harder for many investors. Josh Eitingon talks about how he still finds deals and navigates the landscape of today’s market.

The 3rd largest city in the country has plenty of investment opportunities in the South Side neighborhoods, but they require a tailored approach to be successful. We spoke with Mark Ainley of GC Realty and Development to understand their approach to investing in these neighborhoods and avoid the pitfalls that have trapped many unsuspecting investors.

Asset Protection is one of the key benefits of apartment investing, but the strategies expand well beyond simply investing in multifamily. This podcast episode covers strategies to create LLCs and trusts to protect your assets and beneficiaries.

Jeremy Roll is a full-time passive investor and spends most of his time reviewing investment opportunities. He is a self-proclaimed ultra-conservative passive investor and shares what he seeks in apartment syndication opportunity.

James Kandasamy is the author of “Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate” and shares what he believes investors should be seeking when reviewing passive investment opportunities.

Raising capital has specific legal guidelines as laid out by the SEC. Anyone seeking to raise capital needs to be mindful of the do’s and don’ts that Kim Lisa Taylor shares on this episode.

There are many ways to structure multifamily deals, but if you have passive investors, you need to make sure the structure abides by the SEC standards. Amy Wan shares key tips on structuring passive investments.

It takes time to learn a market, but Marco Santarelli has devised a system that allows him to quickly learn key details of any market and implement a plan to invest for success.

Finding a deal with upside potential is the vision for every value-add investor. Most of the time it takes one to three years to unlock this potential, but Caleb Bryant was able to do it in just 3 months. He shares details on this deal and other key tips.

While these are the Top 20 episodes based on popularity, there are plenty of other fantastic episodes that can help you build your business or brand. Subscribe to Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing anywhere you listen to podcasts, so you don’t miss an episode. And if you’ve enjoyed the show, please leave us a 5-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts.


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