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International Investing and Failing Forward with Christian Ross

Christian Ross is one of Atlanta's most respected and recognized top-selling brokers whose success has flourished into an international client base expanding through Europe, South America, Israel, Canada, and Australia.

She has been featured in Forbes, Money, Modern Luxury Interiors Magazine, Realtor Magazine, Real Estate Agent Magazine, Atlanta Agent, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Simply Buckhead.

Let’s dig in to learn more about her inspiring story, how she reaches international investing and failing forward to success.


[00:01 – 05:45] Opening Segment

  • Let’s welcome Christian Ross to today’s episode.

  • Christian shares more about her background and her career journey.

  • Lessons from experiencing different swings in the market

    • Always look at the data to understand what happened in the past and what would happen in the future.

[05:46 – 17:17] International Investing and Failing Forward

  • How Youtube has helped her to reach and expand her international audience in 2008/2009.

  • The diversity of employers in the different industries.

  • Tech real estate space.

  • Christian shares her experience when working in Atlanta Tech Village.

  • The mentality to be a successful entrepreneur.

  • Push forward and grow.

  • Overcoming your fear to jump in real estate with partnership and mentorship.

[17:18 – 31:00] Why Women Should Be Investing In Real Estate?

  • If you are interested in multifamily and want to review a sample deal, check out our special download of a sample deal package on, and join our mailing list to get tips on exclusive investment opportunities.

  • Why women should be investing in real estate?

    • Creating wealth opportunity and helping them see another path to income.

  • Closing the wealth gap.

  • Christian talks about helping inventors from Dominican Republic.

  • Buy, hold, and joy.

  • Things that we should be aware of when investing in Dominican Republic.

[31:01 – 33:46] The Bull’s Eye round

  • Apparent Failure:

    • Being overwhelmed by having too many multifamily and sold a note

  • Digital Resource:

    • Canva

  • Most Recommended Book:

    • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

  • Daily Habit:

    • List-making

    • Using Any-do App

  • Current Curiosity:

    • How to live in Atlanta, Switzerland, and the Dominican Republic throughout the year.

  • I Wish I Knew When I Was Starting.

    • Trust your instinct.

  • Best Place to Grab a Bite in Atlanta.

    • Slutty Vegan and Murphy's

  • Final words from me

  • How to connect with Christian.

    • See links below.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Failure teaches so many lessons to dust ourselves off, meet someone who is aligned with us and grow something else.” - Christian Ross.

“Whenever you armed yourself up with data, you set yourself up for a great position.” - Christian Ross.

“Women, we have to realize the risk and just take baby steps toward it.” - Christian Ross.

You can connect with Christian LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or check out her website at

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