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How to Lose Millions and Fail Forward with Marques Ogden

Could you imagine playing in the NFL, then running a multi-million construction business just to find yourself as a janitor? While this plot might sound far-fetched to some, it’s the true story of Marques Ogden, who now serves as an executive coach, speaker, and corporate trainer. To lose millions and fail forward is just part of Marques’s incredible story filled with highlights and lowlights.

As a former NFL offensive lineman, Marques Ogden spent 5 years in professional football. Following his athletic success, he launched a construction business that generated eight figures in revenue. But one bad deal collapsed his business, and his life spun out of control.

Marques turned to drugs and alcohol, before finally accepting accountability for his life and responsibility to get himself back on track. One of his first steps was getting a job - as a janitor. In many ways, this was empowering and fitting as it gave Marques a chance to clean up the things around him. Today, Marques is an executive coach, sought-after speaker, and corporate trainer.

In this episode, Marques shares how he overcame the major setbacks in his life and provides actionable steps to pull yourself out of a dark place. In addition, he shares tips to become a better speaker and tell your story so people can learn from your mistakes.



Lessons Learned from Marques Ogden’s Journey

  • NFL offensive lineman to construction company bankruptcy to an inspirational speaker, author, and leader

  • Transitioning from the NFL to starting his own company (it was a tough road)

I wasn’t ready to move on, as I didn’t have a plan or strategy, and struggled to find who I was and where I was heading.
  • How Marques got out of his downward spiral after he left the NFL

  • Handling success when your mindset isn’t ready can turn into a disaster

  • Redefining yourself after failure

To find a new path, write down your three biggest strengths and build your life from there.
  • The three things you need to do to stay mentally strong during tough times

  • How to change your thought process to believe that you deserve to succeed

  • 4 tips on how to become a successful speaker

When you’re starting something new, you have to start at the bottom. If you don’t want to start at the bottom, then don’t bother starting.
  • How to tell your story so people can learn from your mistakes

  • How to successfully pivot your business and life (P.I.V.O.T)

  • The differences in successful people vs. unsuccessful people

Bullseye Round:

Apparent Failure:

Losing his construction company was a wake-up call.

Digital Resource:


Most Recommended Book:

The Success Cycle: 3 Keys for Achieving Your Goals in Business and Life (Marques Ogden)

Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success: Discovering Your Gift and the Way to Life's Riches (Steve Harvey)

Daily Habit:

Working out at the Gym.

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

The importance of listening to your key team members.

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