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How to Create an Effective 90-Day Marketing Plan with Cody Butler

Are you lost when it comes to marketing your business effectively? The first step to developing an effective marketing plan is to understand the business you are actually in. You may sell real estate or t-shirts, but your business is actually marketing. We spoke to Cody Butler, who is the author of the 90-Day Marketing Plan to understand how non-marketers can develop and implement a strategy to grow their business.

Most people just start marketing their products or services but don’t invest the time to develop a clear strategy. A clear marketing plan helps to provide a blueprint to help you identify who you help and what they need from you. Understanding this need allows you to develop powerful content and messaging that converts prospects into customers. Ask yourself, how can I provide instant gratification to my audience?

The next step is to develop the “tip of the spear” as Cody defines it. This is a product or lead magnet that allows you to attract the ideal customer for your business. While you may have multiple products or offerings, there should be one that you focus on to bring leads into your database. The messaging around this piece should combine the pleasure of what they want and avoids the pain of what they don’t want.

In this episode, we discuss developing a 90-day marketing plan, understanding your ideal investor, tips to ignite an audience, and creating powerful messaging.

Key Insights to Create a 90-Day Marketing Plan

  • The beginning steps to developing an effective marketing plan.

If you’re in business, you’re in the business of marketing
  • How to approach marketing your business without becoming a full-time marketer

  • Know what you want your visitors to do on your website with a clear call to action

  • The 90-Day Marketing Plan structure and example

  • Identifying the one thing you want to be known for (what is your brand?)

What is the gateway drug for your business?
  • Using content marketing to build awareness while branding your business

  • What is the highest valued product or service you can offer that provides instant gratification?

  • Understanding that urgent need marketing / quick win marketing is not a viable strategy

If you have a network of 500 subscribers, you’re sitting on a little gold mine
  • Staying top of mind with your current and potential clients

  • Tips on how to engage your network on a consistent basis

  • Key steps to developing a 90-Day Marketing Plan

  • How to identify what your potential clients want

Your winning message includes what pleasure your product provides and what pain it relieves

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