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How Saving a Family Home Turned into a Real Estate Portfolio with Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver has been the visionary behind Purpose Companies since founding the company in 2021. Guided by integrity and a servant heart, Michael built this collection of real estate companies to positively impact lives by creating quality, sustainable communities for residents, wealth preservation, and cash flow for investors. Let’s dive in to learn about Mike’s transition from residential to commercial real estate, what to look for when investing in the commercial space, and the importance of mindset. LISTEN HERE:

Announcement: Download Our Sample Deal and Join Our Mailing List [00:01 – 03:20] Opening Segment

  • Michael talks about his background.

  • He talks about the variety of businesses he built in the past.

  • How the businesses he built in the past affect his real estate journey.

[03:20 – 11:15] Through Experience

  • How saving his grandmother’s house from a probate problem led him to investing.

  • He talks about the things he tried which led him to his latest multifamily project.

  • The importance of understanding that there are different strategies.

  • The importance of understanding what you are good at when starting out.

  • Where to start when getting into real estate.

[11:15 – 21:23] A Transition to Commercial Real Estate

  • Why Michael decided to transition into the commercial space.

  • Why you should understand the risks and how to mitigate them.

  • How partnering with people who understand the ins and outs is crucial.

  • What gave Michael confidence to say that he could move forward with his first commercial deal.

  • The differences between a commercial and a residential deal.

  • How Michael is trying to help others.

  • He talks about the Columbus market.

[21:23 – 24:53] Round of Insights Apparent Failure: Getting burnt out when he was in the fashion industry. Most Recommended Book: The Power of Now Digital Resource: Youtube Daily Habit: Meditation #1 Insight for Investing Never lose. Best Place to Grab a Bite in Columbus: Lifestyle Cafe Contact Michael: To learn more go to Michael’s website. You can reach out to Michael on his Instagram, Linkedin. Tweetable Quotes: “Failure is only what you make it. It’s a mindset.” - Michael Oliver “For me, everything is risky. It’s just understanding how to mitigate that risk so that way you can really understand if it fits within your risk profile or not.” - Michael Oliver Thank you for joining us for another great episode! If you're enjoying the show, please LEAVE A RATING OR REVIEW, and be sure to hit that subscribe button so you do not miss an episode.


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