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From Starving Artist to Multifamily Millions with Mark Hentemann

As an aspiring writer, Mark Hentemann struggled to find income stability early in his career. He landed a gig writing for David Letterman in NY, before deciding to head out west to Hollywood. After being hired to write for a new animated series, he used his first paycheck to invest in real estate. He assumed the animated series would be cancelled and needed to make sure he could create a more stable income. He was half-right, the show was cancelled multiple times, but Family Guy turned out to be one of the most popular animated adult shows of all-time.

In this episode, we talk about his journey going from a starving artist to a multifamily investor, why it was important to create stability with his income, growing a portfolio with a demanding day job, and investing in Los Angeles compared to Texas and Utah.

Key Takeaways:

  • The scars of his starving artist days led him to find a financial cushion and he bought his first investment in a duplex using his payment from Family Guy

  • The challenges of breaking into the entertainment business

  • How Hollywood taught him to take care of his financial future

  • Mark’s first real estate investment

  • The question that changed his life: Why are you throwing money away paying rent when you could be putting that money towards your mortgage?

  • A light bulb went off when he sold his first duplex property for $1.27MM making a 2000% return on his 10% downpayment

  • Writing is his dream, but real estate is his must, as he can continue writing while investing in real estate

  • How to create equity on your first deal to scale your portfolio

  • Strategies on how to invest on the side without giving up your passion

  • Putting together a top-level team to scale your business

  • Expanding his portfolio from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah

  • How to find a top-flight property management company (it’s not easy!)

  • How Mark started bringing on other investors

  • Still making money during the 2008 crash: Bought a B-Class property with investors

  • Tips on how to stay creative and productive when creating content

  • Taking constructive criticism and using it to grow

Bullseye Tips

Apparent Failure:

All those punches in the face trying to break into the entertainment business: They will either break you in half, or you will be stronger than you were.

Digital Resource:

Appfolio (platform for syndication)

Most Recommended Book:

The Art of Performance (Jeroen De Flander)

Daily Habit:

Meditation (mindset is everything!)

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Breaking out into other markets earlier

Current Curiosity:

The economy

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Los Angeles, CA

Le Pain Quotidien

Contact Mark:


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