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From Gang Member to Multifamily Investor with Dre Evans

Dre is on a mission to inspire others and uplift communities through real estate education and leadership. A native of Chicago, his passion stems from his background as a former gang member. He is a U.S Naval Academy graduate, President Truman Scholar, and MIT Fellow. Dre has over 98 doors under management valued at over $13M. He is the host of the Multifamily by the Slice podcast and co-hosts the #1 Real Estate meetup in San Diego called “Opportunity Knocks”. We spoke to Dre about his unique background, the importance of education, and his massive growth. LISTEN HERE:

Announcement: Download Our Sample Deal and Join Our Mailing List [00:01 – 06:02] Opening Segment

  • Dre talks about his unique background.

  • How he got into real estate investing.

  • How he became an expert on underwriting.

[06:02 – 15:30] A Leap of Faith

  • He talks about what made him quit the military academy

  • Dre takes a deep dive into his “why”

  • The importance of a healthy mind.

  • How listening to motivational speakers helped Dre.

[15:30 – 30:00] 4 to 98 Units

  • How Dre started educating himself on real estate investing.

  • How he got the equity needed for his first $2M deal.

  • Dre talks about how he jumped from 4 units to 98 units.

  • He talks about the vetting process and how transparent he is with his own background.

  • What to look for in people that you are going to work with.

[30:00 – 35:32] Round of Insights Apparent Failure: Failing his first year at prep school. Digital Resource: Trello Most Recommended Book: Resilience Daily Habit: Running #1 Insight for Investing: Think about what you want to accomplish in life, you're why. Best Place to Grab a Bite in Chicago: Giordano's Pizza Contact Dre: You can find Dre on Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook. To listen to Dre’s podcast “Multifamily By The Slice” click here. Tweetable Quotes: “The healthiness of your mind is key” - Dre Evans “Think about what you want to accomplish in life, your why.” - Dre Evans Thank you for joining us for another great episode! If you're enjoying the show, please LEAVE A RATING OR REVIEW, and be sure to hit that subscribe button so you do not miss an episode.


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