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Controlling Your Money through Infinite Banking with Chris Naugle

There are money rules that the wealthy know, that the middle class does not. One of those insights is that the wealthy stay in full control of their money. One of the strategies they use is called infinite banking.

Chris Naugle has developed 16 companies and built tens of millions in real estate. He is the creator of The Money Show and The Money Multiplier. Chris learned the infinite banking strategy from conversations with ultra-wealthy contacts and learned that this had been in practice for decades. With Chris’s background as an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and financial advisor, he was surprised to learn about the tool. In this episode, we hear the lessons learned on Chris’s journey as an entrepreneur, how he structured his loans, and how he used infinite banking to wipe out his debt.

Key Multifamily + Marketing Insights

  • Always a hustler, at 17 years old, Chris got his first $70K loan for his dream store Phatman Board Shops

  • Buying a dilapidated building to convert it into a 3-unit strip mall using a hard money loan from “knuckles”

  • After building up his multifamily portfolio and wanting to expand, Chris walked into a bank to get a loan but got all his lines of credit frozen instead

  • The 3-Day workshop that changed Chris’ attitude towards money

We are taught to give up control of our money, but the wealthy are in control of their money
  • How Chris built his first 36-unit portfolio (relationship with a local conventional bank)

  • How Chris financed his multifamily investing: 30-year personal mortgages on properties and coming up with a 20% deposit and used rent-roll to renovate unit by unit

  • Understanding the Financial Debt Wall

  • Forbearance loans could be risky right now (have a plan B!)

  • The two things that changed Chris’ attitude towards money

  • Becoming the bank through infinite banking

  • How Chris paid off all of his debts using infinite banking

  • Money School TV: Utilizing his vast network of financial gurus to help others financially

  • Making lending easier for borrowers and lenders alike

  • The benefits of giving your best stuff away for free

The best way to raise money is by solving other people's problems
  • Building a brand around a culture

Bullseye Tips:

Apparent Failure:

Thought he had to do everything himself when he had his retail stores. 9/11 forced him to promote his employees and have them run the stores as they saw fit, because he had to work another job. This taught him how to work on his business and not in his business.

Digital Resource:


Most Recommended Book:

The 501K Plan (Tom and Mark Ford Dyson)

Daily Habit:

Thank God every morning

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

The impact of giving

Current Curiosity:


Best Place to Grab a Bite in Buffalo, NY:

TCB (Tacos Community Beer)



Contact Chris:


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