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Attracting Investors on LinkedIn with Yakov Smart

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Generating leads online has become increasingly important with in-person events, all but shelved during COVID. For multifamily investors and business owners, social media is a great outlet for attracting investors. And while most people turn to Facebook, another platform might be even more powerful for raising capital. Yakov Smart says LinkedIn is the platform real estate investors should leverage to attract investors.

LinkedIn is designed for professionals seeking connections and makes it easy to identify potential prospects. It is a powerful tool that still has strong organic reach, meaning your content can be seen by many of your connections. And you can leverage the search functionality to identify ideal investors - such as doctors or private equity groups. And unlike other platforms, you don’t have to build a massive following or post multiple times per day to consistently generate leads.

Yakov Smart is an expert at using LinkedIn to raise capital and attract investors and authored the book, Disrupting LinkedIn. In this episode, Yakov shares how to use LinkedIn to identify and connect with high-networth investors. In addition, he highlights how to engage on the platform without creating content, key insights on LinkedIn’s algorithm, and how to optimize your profile to attract clients.

Key Insights for Attracting Investors on LinkedIn

  • Lead generation opportunities using digital media (webinars, on-demand training, etc)

  • Why reaching high net worth investors online is getting easier

The people who are going to win in this virtual age are those who are proponents of educating people first
  • Best practices in creating content and how to market it on different digital channels

  • You can generate leads on LinkedIn without posting anything

  • The three biggest marketing issues real estate investors face and solutions on how to avoid them

  • Understanding the levels of Investor Attraction DNA (Knowing who you are, understanding your ideal investor, merging them together with other key online ingredients)

Not everyone should be making their own unique content, you can be a creator or a syndicator.
  • The 3x3x3 social media content strategy for those who have trouble creating content

  • Unlocking the combination of how to market and engage the investors you want to attract

  • Understanding what marketing tactic is best for your business based on your expertise

  • The importance of, and how to create, your ideal investor avatar

  • Understanding the LinkedIn system and how to work it to your advantage in generating leads

LinkedIn is the most underutilized, yet the best and most scalable lead source for attracting high net worth, high quality investors
  • Building a hyper-targeted list of high net worth investors on LinkedIn

  • Your LinkedIn profile must be optimized to appeal to your chosen audience (It’s the first thing people see when they Google your name!)

  • Strategies for accelerating trust based on your messaging on LinkedIn

  • How to enroll more investors with the perfect response to their inquiries

  • The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make on their LinkedIn profiles

Bullseye Tips:

Apparent Failure:

Earlier this year in Australia speaking at a live seminar, he realized live events were not aligned to him and then COVID hit, and it set him up to dial in on his online systems.

Digital Resource:

Zub Title (video transcription service)

Most Recommended Book:

Psycho-Cybernetics (Maxwell Maltz)

Hustle Harder, Hustler Smarter (Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent)

Daily Habit:


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Simple works better

Current Curiosity:

Marketing and behavior

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Scottsdale, AZ

Ocean Prime

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