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5 Steps to Raise Private Money with Jay Conner

Jay Conner has been buying and selling houses since 2003 in a population of only 40,000 with profits averaging $67,000. Rehabbed over 300 houses and been involved in over 52 Million Dollars in Transactions. For the past 7 years, Jay has completely automated his 7-Figure Income Business to where he works in his business for less than 10 Years per week. He consulted one on one with over 2,000 Real Estate Investors and $2,150,000 in less than 90 Days in Private Money when cut off from the banks. He is a leading expert on private lending, marketing, and business development. We talked to Jay about how you can attract capital for your deals, the five steps of raising private capital and a lot more about private lending. LISTEN HERE:

Announcement: Download Our Sample Deal and Join Our Mailing List [00:01 – 04:08] Opening Segment

  • Jay talks about his background.

  • Why you don’t need to be in a big market to be able to invest;

  • How private money has the biggest impact on real estate;

[04:08 – 14:30] Attract Capital for Your Deals

  • How Jay found out about private money;

  • The differences between hard money and private money

  • How he uncovered the private money opportunities;

  • How teaching helped him find private money;

[14:30 – 37:39] The Five Steps

  • Jay’s mindset before raising $2.1 millions raise in 90 days;;

  • Five steps of raising private money;

  • Why he does not want private lenders to write checks;

  • How they share the responsibilities in their partnership;

  • He explains how the investment is secured by the property;

  • Contact Jay: Links below.

[37:39 – 43:48] Round of Insights Apparent Failure: Not calculating the rental income before investing in a property Digital Resource: Most Recommended Book: The Go Giver Daily Habit: Stair Mastering #1 Insight for Attracting Private Money: Put on your teacher hat. Educate people. Best Place to Grab a Bite in Morehead City: Sunside Restaurant Contact Jay: To learn more go to To get the free download click here. Tweetable Quotes: “It’s impossible to fail unless I decide to quit.” - Jay Conner Thank you for joining us for another great episode! If you're enjoying the show, please LEAVE A RATING OR REVIEW, and be sure to hit that subscribe button so you do not miss an episode.


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