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How to Work with Brand Designers with Maurice Cherry, Episode 139

Design is often treated as a visual commodity, but great brands connect with consumers and clients by designing an experience, not just a logo. Savvy entrepreneurs use design to develop an experience to connect with consumers, create consistency and deliver customer service. Maurice Cherry is a designer, podcaster and digital creator in Atlanta, GA. He shares why design is a critical element to brand building, customer service and connecting with your ideal client. He also shares why he launched a platform for black designers, developers and digital creatives around the world, Revision Path. It is the first podcast admitted to the Smithsonian, attributed to the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.

Key Insights

  • Designer at Glitch working in business development, partnerships, marketing and media

  • Everyone has an innate level of design within them

  • Design is not just logos and visuals - design is creating something out of nothing and piecing together disparate parts

  • Design is an intrinsic element of how consumers experience your project/business

  • Key tip to design a stellar experience - conduct a survey with existing clients to inform design decisions

  • When working with designers, trust their expertise but share your thoughts and vision

  • Watch out for “scope creep” where the deliverables increase without creating a change order or revised scope of work

  • Working with a brand consultant can help you gain clarity and avoid blind spots

  • Attract the clients that inspire you to bring your best self to the project

  • Design is growing and changing with technology

  • Revision Path serves as a “Possibility Model” for people of color interested in design

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Apparent Failure, Future Success:

Getting fired from a customer service job and finding a design job in an alt weekly newspaper with no formal design experience

Most Recommended Book:

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Daily Habit:

Start day with review of roadblocks and challenges; starting with a cup of tea

Wish I Knew Starting Out:

To create his own definition of success

Advice for College Student:

Be skeptical, but learn to listen

Current Curiosity:

Sound design

Best Place to Grab a Bite:


Cafe Sunflower (VG)

Soul Vegetarian (VG)

Tassilis Raw Reality (VG)

Connect with Maurice:


Twitter: @mauricecherry

Leave us a review and rating on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Be sure to check out more info at

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