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Syndication Lessons from His First Deal with Kyle Mitchell, Episode 126

Doing your first syndication can be daunting, but Kyle Mitchell (along with his wife Lalita) dove deep into the learning process prior to completing their first syndication. He faced various challenges managing all of the steps but is already on to his next deal. He shares key lessons from that first syndication, why he prefers to diversify his portfolio and the impact he has seen from his meetups and podcast.

Key Insights

  • Started in the golf industry and started investing in passive rentals

  • Invested in SFR in California, but had challenges because it was not landlord -friendly and sold that property

  • Invested in turnkey rentals in Arkansas, Ohio and Chicago

  • Likes to diversify markets and asset classes for added protection

  • Focuses on Arizona syndication is in Arizona – Tucson and Phoenix

  • Purchased an online program and coaching which helped him take action

  • Gaining Credibility with brokers: Started several meetups, podcasts and quit his job so brokers knew he was serious

  • Needed a new lender with only 29 days left to close

  • Tapped a contact from his meetup that helped him close the deal

  • Starting the meetup and podcast were critical to help him build his network

  • Looked in Columbus, OH initially but would have been difficult to get to the market frequently from the west coast, so settled on Phoenix and Tucson

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Most Recommended Book:

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:


Daily Habit:

Going to the Gym

Wish I Knew Starting Out:

Overcommunicate with lenders

Real World Advice:

Take action and get out of your comfort zone

Advice to Ignore:

All the naysayers

Current Curiosity:

Playing tennis

Best Place to Grab a Bite:

Raising Cane’s – AZ

In and Out – SoCal

Tweet This:

“You want to diversify, not just with different asset classes, but within the asset class as well”

“You don’t have to be a master at what you do to start an educational platform”

Connect with Kyle:

Leave us a review and rating on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Be sure to check out more info at

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