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Finding and Buying Second Mortgage Loans with Daphne Wilson, Episode 116

Mortgage note investing is one of the more intriguing passive real estate strategies for investors. Daphne Wilson is a pro at finding and buying second mortgage loans. She’s devised a strategy that allows her to buy for pennies on the dollar and create a win-win situation for borrowers. She is the founder of Bell Financial and on this episode, she shares her strategies to find and buy notes and get a delinquent borrower current on their payments.

Key Insights

  • Mortgage note investing is real estate without property management

  • Home owner pays the investor instead of the bank

  • Notes are available through note exchanges, note brokers, and organizations

  • Where to find notes to purchase: LoanMLS and ExchangeLoans

  • First position loans are senior liens

  • Second position loans are junior liens, usually less than the senior loan

  • Buys second mortgages, these are typically for home renovation loans

  • Spends $2,000 to $8,000 per asset

  • Unpaid principle of $25-$60k for non-performing notes

  • Banks would rather have bad loans off their books than try to collect the full amount owed

  • Strategy: Buys delinquent 2nd mortgage behind a current 1st mortgage

  • To get borrowers current on their mortgage, create a solution about the borrower

  • Use the arrears to create leverage

  • Spend 4-5 hours per month on note investing business

  • When purchasing a non-performing asset, you build a relationship

  • Arrears are the amounts that have accumulated because of missed payments

  • The 2008 market correction fueled the second mortgage investing space

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Engaging with other investors

Tracking Market Changes: Reaching out and interacting

Daily Habit: Meditation


Digital Resources:

Note Dashboard

Tweet This:

“In 4 years I have never had to foreclose on a buyer”

Places to Grab a Bite:

West Palm Beach - Darbster

Connect with Daphne:

Instagram: daphnerwilson


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