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How to Get Rich with Debt with Gena Lofton, Episode 56

Having been in the foster care system, Gena Lofton had a fear of being homeless. In her mind, the only way to elude such a circumstance was to own the land herself. Motivated by this fear, she focused on financial freedom - having sufficient passive income that covers all of her living expenses. Fast forward and she has achieved her goal after acquiring over 4,000 apartment units and other passive income assets. On this episode, she shares her inspiring story, her formula to financial freedom through debt and reducing taxes, and the key places to invest.

Key Market Insights

  • Grew up in the foster care system in Southern California, which created a fear of being homeless

  • Learned why passive income is important after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad

  • Transformed many Fortune 1000 companies while at Ernst and Young management consulting

  • Shareholder of DirecTV for nearly a decade

  • Sold DirecTV to AT&T for 48.5 billion

  • Author of Escape the Madness! 10 Steps to Get Out of the Rat Race

  • Founder of Passive Income Advisors (PIA)

  • PIA: helps high-income individuals achieve financial freedom faster with “The Financial Freedom Formula F3” method

  • “The Financial Freedom Formula F3”: A method to replace higher taxed income with tax-efficient passive income through debt and reducing taxes

  • Get started in real estate: Read real estate books, look at real deals, understand the number (property’s cost, value, etc.)

  • Started buying properties in 2009-2010, left the rat race 2-3 years later

  • How to create passive income with no money: Leverage debt

  • Key Places: Near major transportation (including airport and metro line), commerce hub, new developments and attractions

  • Inglewood, California: Five miles east of Los Angeles International Airport and near Alameda Corridor

  • Locations near Dallas/Fort Worth and Federal Express

  • Investing in value-add real estate: Increase income for the sole purpose of getting new debt and getting all of the investments back

  • Presently investing in natural resources due to the lower prices up to date

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Look for diversification in industry. Do not go into an area with only one industry.

Daily Habit: Meditate

Tracking Marketing Changes: Stay actively involved with the apartment association that you invest in.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Book Recommendation:

Plunder by Mark R. Levin

Digital Resources

Tweet This: “Fear will either motivate you or paralyze you.”

“Pioneers get slaughtered, settlers make a fortune.”

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