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The Book is the New Business Card with Nick Raithel, Episode 35

Ever lose or toss a business card? My guess is you probably wouldn’t toss a book from an author you just met. That’s part of the reason Nick Raithel believes that books are the new business card. With books being easier to publish and distribute than ever before, now is a perfect time to become a real estate author. Nick runs a service to help real estate investors tell their stories and create a book in just 7 hours. On this episode, Nick talks about finding your target audience, becoming a subject expert and why it’s important to tell your story and cement your legacy even if you haven’t achieved massive success ….yet.

Key Market Insights

  • Always interested in reading, even with the digital age

  • Use the attendees of meetups to determine the audience frame and what type of info people are seeking

  • You can create a blog post and get live feedback on messaging

  • Why should you consider writing a book? Tell your story, position you from everyone else, be regarded as the expert, cement your legacy

  • Having a content piece allows you to build credibility before actually meeting people

  • Become the market expert by studying or interviewing others

  • 7 Hour Book helps aspiring authors to publish and market a book

  • Many people struggle with time management or doubts around their abilities and credibility as an author

  • Write in your own voice, but focus on connecting with the target audience through tone and vocabulary

  • A book is a business card that doesn’t get thrown away

  • A book will stand out more than a business card at a REIA meeting or networking event

  • They do the writing and publishing, author’s show up and talk

  • Look at what you have through your local knowledge or friends in a market

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Know Who Your Target Market Is

Tracking Market Changes: Podcast, Reading and Thinking

Daily Habit: Drink Copious Amounts of Water, Run Regularly


Acres of Diamonds by Russell Cornwell

Best Business Books:

10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol

Digital Resources

Tweet This:

"A book is a business card that doesn’t get thrown away"

"You’re going to become the expert when creating your book"

Places to Grab a Bite:

Mangrove Mama’s (or maybe some other pizza place in the Florida Keys)

Connect with Nick:

Leave us a review and rating on iTunes or Stitcher. Be sure to check out more info at

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