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From $7 and a Smile to $200 Million with Vinney Chopra, Episode 18

Vinney Chopra came to the US from India with $7 in his pocket, and now he can raise $10 million in a day or two. Known for his friendly and engaging personality, Vinney has earned the affectionate nickname of Mr. Smiles. As a multifamily sponsor he has facilitated over 26 successful syndication deals and manages a successful real estate investment portfolio worth over $200 million. On this episode of Target Market Insights, he shares his thoughts on which markets are emerging and how to identify them. Listen Now!

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Key Market Insights

  • Started in multifamily in 2006, did not know the meaning of LOI, NOI, IRR or Cap Rate

  • 24 of his 26 syndications are in Texas, with the other two being in Georgia

  • First deal was 14 units, later that week they bought 109 units

  • At the time, Midland-Odessa, TX had the lowest unemployment rate, flew there and met with brokers

  • Mentored by Dave Lindahl, author of Emerging Markets

  • Emerging Markets: Utah, Dallas, Sacramento, Columbus, San Diego, Portland, Reno, Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio

  • Have the business plan & pitch ready for brokers and investors

  • Looks for cash flow day one

  • 12 syndications in the last two years

  • Can raise $6-10 million in 1-2 days, investor base of 128 investors

  • Selecting the right target market is the key to deliver investor returns

  • Figured out how to have the syndication break up into TICs for reinvestment

  • Creating a $50 million, 506(c) fund for investors

  • What to look for when seeking an emerging market: job growth, population growth, path of progress, where are new businesses, how many units are coming on the market, what are major attractions and retailers?

  • To find topline info on a market, look at an offering memorandum and send info/articles to your investors

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Focus

Market Changes: IRR Reports, Chamber of Commerce, market reports, talk to the mayor (mayor’s office)

Daily Habit: Meditate in the morning and pay gratitude


Best Business Books:

Law of Attraction by Michael Losier

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Digital Resources

YouTube, Google, Podcasts

Tweet This:

“Focus is similar to a magnifying glass”

“If you are unfocused, you can not give your full energy”

“Ask brokers to call owners they sold properties to 6 years ago and tell them you want to buy”

Places to Grab a Bite:

Texas Roadhouse Steak -

Connect with Vinney:


Phone: 925-766-3518

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