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Finding the Path of Progress with Tryfon Christoforou, Episode 1

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Tryfon Christoforou harnessed his family’s 30 years of development experience to co-found 3CRE, a commercial real estate brokerage firm that has completed over a billion dollars in transactions. He focuses on multifamily, helping out of market clients navigate Cincinnati to find the best investment for their goals. Find out why Tryfon sees Cincinnati as a stable market and which sub markets he’s identified along the path of progress. Listen Now!

Key Market Insights

  • The Cincinnati Market: huge corporate footprint, job stability and growth, attracting young professionals, street car development, Mllennials moving back into the city, growth mimicking that of Charlotte, NC

  • Revitalization and development in neighborhoods: East Walnut Hills, Multi-family properties along the Montgomery Road Corridor

  • Montgomery Road Corridor may include: Norwood (near Hyde Park), Pleasant Ridge, Silverton, Deer Park, Kenwood

  • What you should know when considering investments in Cincinnati: ROIs are more like 9%, Market is competitive nationally, Invest with stability in mind

  • Why are people attracted to the city? Welcomes everyone, City retains and attracts companies, More land, Proximity to airport, Mixed use buildings, Able to open distribution centers and warehouses

  • What drives stability in Cincinnati: Jobs, population density, city’s revenue streams are based on professional/resident spending not tourists

  • Discovering Tryfon’s personal investment markets: Hyde Park neighborhood and Madeira, Ohio

  • What Tryfon learned growing up in a family of real estate investors: 1) Real estate is not easy, 2) Know what’s going on with your properties, 3) Set criteria for investments and returns, 4) Know when to sell and when to buy, 5) Diversify your portfolio

  • Final tips on investing in Cincinnati: Start small; get to know brokers, property managers, attorneys, and accountants in the city

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